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By the Sea

Voy Kay 29 Mar 2020

My 75th painting overall and finally, another Bob Ross tutorial painting after all those African and silhouette based ones. My choice today was another seaside scenery since we intend to brighten up our living room with about eight of those (2 to go still!).
Canvas was a quality double primed, size 12"x16". I like the sky the most as well as the waves yet those are a bit too colourful. I guess I used too much Phtalo green and blue on the black gesso. The rocks are a nice addition from Bob yet the colouring is a bit too dull. But I only realised that when the painting was already finished!
This is not a too difficult sea painting so I like to recommend this to all. Read and comment some articles from the community please and happy painting!

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Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Pity that most of the shadow works on the rocks does not show on the uploaded picture. The painting is a lot better in real, really!

I think it is useful to practice Bob's painting so that you can make various works. At first it doesn't look as good as it seems, especially the seascapes are difficult. Please do your best and challenge. I paint various things now, but at first I studied with Bob's paintings.
I respect you are power painter!
Often, as you say, photos and real things are different. Probably because of the camera.

Voy, I must tell this is great! This peach color at the horizon is so beautiful! Sky is amazing and light and live! I like that rocks are quite dark and it is great you have shadows that we dont see on the picture! Shoreline is great, wave is wonderful and mysterious with its color!

I like this particular episode exactly because of cliffs that bring depth in the painting! You did great job!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Sunnylady, yes, in real this painting is a little brighter and the shadow work (successful this time!) was far more visible. It's already on display in my living room, family thins this is a great one as well.
They ordered three more sea sceneries so you'll be seeing more of this in the next weeks or months!

Happy painting Voy!

Another one that really is nicely done.

I love the colorful waves, I don’t think you overdid it at all. It’s absolutely beautiful.

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