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Nature's Splendor

Voy Kay 09 Jan 2021

Just a practice creation for mountains, grass and evergreens.
This canvas (10"x12") was way too small to create something descent.

Up to the next!

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Love the stones, the reflections, the evergreens....

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

You are way too kind for me Umagaan!! Thanks so much!

This is a realy nice one Voy Kay. I like the mountens. Realy Rocky. And the little bouches on the right side.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thank you dear friend. I tried something new with the mountain this time and gave it much more texture and a more rocky outlook.
I did three paintings today (2 new and one to a finish), time for some rest since I have another paint date tomorrow!!!!

The time that I began with painting Bob Ross, I had also 3 or 4 paintings in a week. Had a househould, 2 children still living in, 2 Gardens.... Ooooh, was I busy, busy, busy Voy Kay. Also your evergreens are very nice in this painting.

Voy you are so productive.
I have two small kids and quite a demanding job so I only have time to paint on the weekends, because I really want to take my time and not rush to finish a painting....

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Hado and Umagaan.

My situation is that I have a grown up daughter (23 and the better artist in the house) and a big garden (with greenhouse and grocery garden) yet in winter, few is to be done there. I am 55 years young and have no regular job, so plenty of time available.
We are still in lockdown here in Belgium so I am confined to my house and can thus paint a lot as well.
Another thing is that I have so much practice already (138 Bob Ross recreations) that automatically, I paint faster AND with the same or better quality. I cannot be happier for that.

@Hado, for those evergreens I use the tricks that I've learned from Yovette (Cri on youtube) who I learned to know thanks to Sunnylady. Since then, almost all my evergreens are between acceptable and excellent! 😊

@Umagaan. my compliments to you for being a great artist with such busy workload! I am always happy to see your creations/comments AS WELL AS the ones from Hado Hagen.

Tomorrow, a special day, since I have a paint date with Sunnylady again and it will be a special and challenging painting! Read all about that in our uploads and on the forum tormorrow!

very nice

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

So kind of you Toadi!

Till next one!

I am very curious for the painting challance Voy Kay.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

It will be uploaded tomorrow Hado, we will love to see your comments!!

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