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Waterfall Wonder

Voy Kay 10 Mar 2021

Another waterfall since I had a canvas recycled with black gesso last January, waiting for a creation.

Canvas used was a recycled 16"x20". Like Bob mentioned, the hardest part was applying the transparant coating of P. blue and S. green, since no liquid clear was used here.
I changed the foreground somewhat and added more water since I thought I had enough rocks already. The right top side was left dark by Bob, but a little too dark to my taste. One might consider adding some brighter background trees there, like on the left side.

Please enjoy!

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Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

Being an aquarian,I loves me some aqua!Great painting V.Your colors are awesome!Cheers maty.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Brightening my day Pietro! So much love that you like this, Aquaman! Your eagle would LOVE to be around here!

I like all the drops of water floating around the waterfall.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

One of my specialities Umagaan! I've written an article about it!
These were done with a one inch brush where normallly, I use a fan brush for those water sparkles.

Yes I've read your article. Maybe I'll paint a seascape next (it's been quite a while since I painted one) and practice painting droplets 😁

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

The one inch brush goes better with falls, for waves I would recommend the fan brushes.
Good luck, you will paint a gem for sure! 😉

Great work Voy, you nailed that waterfall and mist!! Nice yellows in the bushes too.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Much appreciated comment FVG!
Lately, mosyt of my falls and mist work out great, specially since I prefer using a one inch brush with falls rather then a fan brush (that I used however for the little falls).
Bob didn't care that much about using a lot of cad yellow here but I thought that nearer the water, there is more light, hence lighter shaded bushed and trees.

Glad you liked it! Till next one!

I too am aa Aquarius and I do sooooo love your water!!!! I also love the rocks and the little tree on the island. Do you use a half round for the bushes too? I haven't bought mine yet but plan to

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Great to read you Toadi!
That little tree is my favourite as well. So tiny but oh so strong against that almighty waterfall!

The bushes were done with a one inch brush. Since a couple of months, I finally found comfort in them to apply highlights on trees and bushes. I switch edges often with the brush, depending on what size of highlights I need.
I haven't got an oval yet, since they are rather difficult to find in my country. But I am certain they will help you with bushes and trees. I heard from others that an oval and a one inch brush give about the same result, but the oval one is much easier to use and has more guarantees for success!

Good luck!

Hm.. I overlooked this one... Few major things that catch my eye: 1) glow in the sky - nice, gentle and GLOWING! 2) this huge rock is absolutely fantastic! 3) Great control of highlights and value to push forest on the top back and bring focal point forward.
My eyes travel like this: bright green bushes -> waterfall -> huge rock. All these are areas of highest contrast and they control eye movement. Bright highlights on the back would destroy this eye travel path. Painting looks super!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thank you my sweet friend Sunnylady!
The trick that made the sky, the rocks and the water really work was the standard appliance of transparent colors (Blue and green) on the back gesso, without any liquid clear used. That careful thin layer did miracles to the colouring, specially the sky. Something worth to remember for future projects.

I was dead worried about that rock, convinced that Bob's way would not work. Yet I did try it his way and voila, it actually worked. The shy highlight is hard to see but after one day of drying, that rock really shined in all its beauty.

Highlighting trees do need some focus and specially the right amount of paint and colour value. When one is comfortable with that, any bush or tree will stand out!

Till next one!

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