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ESCM Paintings
Member for 3 years

I am the youngest daughter of LJM Paintings here on TwoInchBrush. I have always enjoyed art and I love to make my own creations. My mom started painting with Bob Ross in 2019, and I thought it looked fun and decided that I wanted to try it too. I find it amazing that he could paint these beautiful landscapes in under 30 minutes. He would be working on a beautiful mountain while I'm still trying to paint a tree!!! He is truly inspiring and has this soothing voice. I have fallen asleep listening to him! (no lie) My favourite part of painting is doing the sky and adding animals in the end.

Some hobbies/talents of mine are singing, baton twirling, swimming, camping with my family, yoga, taking pictures of my cats (I have two) and being out in nature.

PS: Elsie is the name I'd like to be called. It's not my real name, but my friends and family call me this ALL. THE. TIME. Mostly as a joke. My name is often mispronounced by people and I am very often called Elsie. So go ahead😉

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